Goat’s Milk Yogurt Fruit on the Bottom

photo (65)It’s pantry week at our house. Hubby gets paid this week and so we eat whatever is in the house until I shop again.  My 5 year old son has literally asked me for food every hour on the hour today.  With not too much to choose from it has been pretty annoying.  However, I did have organic blueberries in the freezer, honey and vanilla goat milk yogurt.  I used to eat the heck out of Dannon Fruit on the Bottom yogurt when I was a kid.  I had an epiphany! We can have our own healthy cow’s milk-free, refined sugar free version of that yogurt and for much less than we would pay at the store (about $1.79 per tiny yogurt)!  You could use any kind of vanilla yogurt that suits you or your own food allergy.  Here’s what I did~

Goat Milk Yogurt with fruit puree (Fruit on the bottom) and granola

1/2 C Vanilla Goat Milk Yogurt

Blueberries (I used 1.5 C)

Honey (I used 2 TBSP)

Sea Salt (I used 1 turn in my salt mill)


Granola (optional)

Strained Organic Blueberries

Strained Organic Blueberries

Strain blueberries, they don’t need to be completely free of water.

photo (68)

Puree blueberries with honey, salt and a little bit of water to make it a slight syrup consistency.

photo (67)

Mix into vanilla goat’s milk yogurt and enjoy!photo (64) Or top with granola first, then enjoy!


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