Higher calories on Paleo Diet=Significant weight loss this week!

paleo groceriesI have seen a few articles and videos lately about how calorie counting is inaccurate and if you are on the Paleo Diet, it’s not even necessary .  Although my interest was slightly peaked at this news, I just knew it had to be too good to be true.  On my merry way I went, counting my calories and following my diet.

This past Sunday I weighed.  It was a bad weigh-in. I had gone up 5 lbs from my lowest weight since starting eating right on Dec 5, 2012 and I really was beating myself up about it.  Total weight loss up to Sunday was 21 lbs (due to fluctuation and eating too many grains). I decided to look back in my food journal and figure out what I was doing initially that worked so well. I found out I was eating strict Paleo most days of the week, say 5 days a week. Then the other two days, I would eat one grain on those days.  I had drifted slowly from this regiment and had started to eat at least one grain a day and I had completely stalled out on my weight loss.

This week I followed strict Paleo Monday and Tuesday, had one serving of grain on Wednesday and then strict Paleo again on Thursday.  I ate more than 1800 calories every single day this week.  Two of the days I didn’t even track (I was depressed about the stalled weight loss)  and the other three days I tracked but didn’t beat myself up over my calorie number.  I was very careful about WHAT I ate though.  It consisted of tons of fruits and veggies and pecans and lean meats.  I also had a small amount of crumbled goat cheese every day and a pretty good amount of honey. To my great surprise, I woke up this morning and I am down a whopping 8 lbs from SUNDAY! It’s Friday morning…that’s ridiculous!!!  I have never had results like that. EVER.

Anyway, thought I would share my findings.  I’m ecstatic! I’m only 1 lb away from 30 lbs lost!


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