Simplifying your food does more than just get rid of the junk in your trunk.

I have been overweight since I was 7 years old.  I have tried everything including fad diets, restricted calorie diets, starving myself and weight loss drugs.  Nothing has worked long-term.   Now I know why! I was hearing all over the radio, TV, magazines and even from people I knew (including Doctors) that really you can have a little bit of everything, you just have to eat in moderation.  That’s like telling  a crack head they can still smoke crack and be healthy and happy it’ll just be less crack than they were using before.   That LIE has prevented me my entire life from getting rid of my extra pounds.   Having full access (and even the Doctor’s permission) to eat any (processed) food you desire is a living hell for someone with a food addiction if you really think about it.  No one needs rich desserts, fried foods, starches at every meal and flavored drinks, NO ONE.  Now that I know this I am able to eat right day in and day out.  I know the truth and it has indeed set me free!  I’m happy, nourished and in complete control of what goes into my body.  Simply by not accepting the lie that I “should” be allowed to eat anything I want has freed me from fat jail.  Now I know, yes you can eat, you can eat foods that are good for you, clean and meant for human consumption.  Now my diet is uncomplicated and my resolve stronger than ever because I know this is how I was meant to eat and the results I get everyday prove me right.

My dietary lifestyle has led me to a few realizations of why beginning with your body is so important.  Of course there are the obvious changes to your health, appearance and mood, but you might be surprised how much your food is linked to nearly every aspect of your life.


In my house everyone eats what I eat.  I have a husband and two sons age 5 and 12.  One child eats too much and one doesn’t eat enough so the whole foods that I feed them help keep both of them healthy and at normal weights.  I do allow extra foods for the children like whole wheat breads and sometimes UNREAL unjunked candy.  This helps make cooking and shopping less complicated.  Something I require in order to be sane.


In order to go out to eat, even just fast food, you have to prepare.  You need to have clothes on, shoes on, money to spend for both the food and the gas, order everyone’s food, wait for the food, drive back home and then finally eat it.  Even then you still may not be done, because if you track your spending, you may have to then go record your purchase.  This whole process takes 30 mins at minimum, but usually a lot longer.  On the other hand, if you went to the grocery store as needed, which is usually already in the budget and schedule for most families, a healthy, nutritious and more satisfying dinner would be on the table in that time or in most cases, less. Saving you money, time and your girlish figure. I’m the kind of person that does not like to leave my house unless I HAVE to.  I will avoid eating out any way that I can, because it’s more work than just making dinner (I do have a dishwasher, so I’m spoiled.).  I’d rather shop once or twice a week and be able to eat anytime I’m hungry in my pajamas at home.


When you eat a whole foods diet, you have to make sure to go grocery shopping when you run low on foods.  The last thing you want to do after all the hard work of cleansing your body of processed foods is run out of good things and eat garbage again (take out and fast food).  Trust me, you’ll be in the bathroom. It’s a bad idea.  Grocery shopping a couple of times a week is not difficult when you are sticking to the produce, meat and seafood sections with maybe one or two grain items sprinkled in here and there.  You’ll be amazed at how much less ingredients you need to create your meals and how much money it saves! The cleanup is easier too when you are preparing your food, because it’s mostly vegetable scraps.


I don’t know about you, but I HATE to track my spending.  Which is another reason I don’t like to leave the house unless I have to.  Chances are if you are leaving home, there will be money spent.  Heck just driving the car costs money. So eating this way saves you the work of tracking extra spending.  You might find you end up with more money in your pocket than you did before, I know we have.


This one is funny because  you would think writing down your food all day everyday would be hard work and a “complicated” way to lose weight.  Quite the contrary, it will free you from wondering if you have room in your diet to eat extra food at a meal, or even to have a little snack after dinner.  It helps you understand the most effective foods for your health.  When you narrow it down to what works for you, again I have to say, it does make life easier.


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